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Democrats and Republicans have been mass producing misinformation for years. The same parties that ran up over $10 trillion in debt in less than 20 years, and passed bad trade legislation that has led to the loss of over 10 million manufacturing jobs, would have America believe unemployment is high just because businesses are not hiring.


Where is the accountability from the people we elected?


For America to lead the world in manufacturing, new technology, idea creation and innovation, we need an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans, whose bad policies brought about our current economic challenges.


Our core approach to deal with the challenges we face is to step away from ideology and to focus on what works. Since the founding of our nation, Americans have built the greatest country on the planet based on hard work, faith and a desire to get the job done – the right way. To help make our country successful today and in the decades ahead, we need a set of ideas that go beyond party politics and ideological battles, and instead identify the challenges and provide the solutions including:


Restoring Job Growth

Strengthening Our Foreign Policy

Enhancing Health Care

Improving Education

Upholding the Constitution

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